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Stay Dine
Our new Bramley Treatment Cabin is open to everyone, including those who aren’t staying at the pub.
Relax your body and mind, and reward your skin in our bespoke, cosy cabin, nestled amongst the birds, bees and beautiful gardens of The Bath Arms.

All our treatments use products from the brand-new Bramley Skin collection, developed to help support your skin’s natural function with vitamins, antioxidants and powerful botanical ingredients. Suitable for all skin types, our treatment menu includes advanced therapeutic techniques to help relax and restore.

Treatments are available with our therapists Monday - Saturday, by appointment only. Please email [email protected] to book.
Bramley Bespoke Facial
60 min - £60
This skin type-specific facial helps your skin become a better version of itself. After listening to you and observing your needs, the treatment will be tailored to help achieve the best results to encourage and support your skin’s natural functions.
Apple Peel AHA Facial
60 min - £60
This targeted AHA treatment uses glycolic, lactic and malic acid to help refine and rejuvenate your skin, encouraging new cells to the skin’s surface, whilst toning and firming the facial muscles, revealing a soft and luminous glow. You, and your skin, will be left feeling completely revitalised.
Probiotic Rose Quartz Facial
90 min - £80
The perfect facial for skin affected by hormonal changes, stress or pollution. This activating and re-setting treatment includes a refining AHA facial peel, rose quartz lymphatic drainage, as well as a toning massage with our probiotic rest-day serum.

This treatment is carefully created to help support and balance your skin and body’s natural equilibrium. For that little extra bit of relaxation, you will also be given a therapeutic abdominal or foot massage.
Mini Bramley Bespoke Facial
45 min - £50
This mini, skin-type-specific facial introduces you to nature’s finest botanicals.

We combine the power of plant actives and the therapist’s knowledge to provide a bespoke treatment created for your skin’s needs, helping it feel and appear refreshed and a brighter version of itself. A perfect starter facial, gentle enough for young skin, and mothers-to-be. Age 10+.
Bramley Bespoke Body Massage
Back, Neck, Shoulder & Scalp
45 min - £50

Back, Neck, Shoulder, Scalp, Legs & Arms
60 min - £70

Back, Neck, Shoulder, Scalp, Legs & Arms
90 min - £85

This bespoke body treatment is inspired by nature’s botanicals. We harness the power of plant actives and the therapist’s knowledge to provide a massage unique to you.

After a thorough consultation to determine your needs, we will choose one of our therapeutically-blended body oils to support your treatment-specific concerns. Allow your senses to be soothed, muscles warmed, and body relaxed.
Bramley Bespoke Body Massage with Hot Crystals
Back, Neck, Shoulder & Scalp
45 min - £55

Back, Neck, Shoulder, Scalp, Legs & Arms
60 min - £75

Back, Neck, Shoulder, Scalp, Legs & Arms
90 min - £90

Our bespoke body treatment combines the therapeutic properties of our body oils with the healing and energising effects of warmed selenite crystals. These beautiful, luminous stones are used during the treatment and are believed to help restore peace and calm, elevating and improving your sense of well-being.
Probiotic Back Treatment
45 min - £60
This specialist probiotic treatment concentrates on the back of the body and upper arms, focusing on areas of uneven texture, blocked pores and congestion. The perfect treatment for any awkward and tricky-to-reach areas that often needs some attention and TLC. Your skin is deeply cleansed and exfoliated to allow the probiotic serum to help reset and re-balance the skin’s natural equilibrium.
Bramley Bespoke Head, & Upper Body Massage
45 min - £55
This bespoke treatment is carefully created to treat the upper body, focussing specifically on your scalp, neck, shoulders and upper arms. It helps to support your posture, improve circulation to your scalp, relax tired muscles, relieve stress and reduce any tension. Allow yourself to be soothed and restored.
Bramley Mother-to-Be (suitable for 12 weeks & over)
60 minutes - £70
Our bespoke head-to-toe nurturing treatment brings a beautiful sense of inner calm, helping ease tiredness and reduce stress on weight-bearing joints as your body grows. The treatment helps give a sense of grounding, as your newly-relaxed body and mind is passed on and shared with your baby.
“We’ve created these treatments to leave you feeling relaxed, rested and restored – as if you’ve just immersed yourself in the beautiful British countryside.

By blending Bramley’s unique apple formula, along with the very best in essential oils, and the highest quality of sustainably sourced natural science-backed ingredients, we aim to deliver long-lasting results and support the skin naturally.

We hope you enjoy your Bramley treatment.”
Chloë Luxton
Founder & Creative Director, Bramley